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New Animal Species in the US

New tiny salamander species found in Georgia - Photograph (c)Bill Peterman

I just wanted to share this link to a new species of crayfish found in the US: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE70J0GP20110120

It is a large species that had never been seen before. The article points out how neat it is that people can still explore and make new biological discovers even in populated parts of the US. I’m not talking about genetists splitting existing species into multiple species, I’m talking about truly new species that have never been described by science. It reminded me of a friend, Bill Peterman, who found a new species (and Genus!) of salamander in Georgia a couple years ago. His published description of the new species (Urspelerpes brucei) can be found here

Camp, C.D., W.E. Peterman, J.R. Milanovich, T. Lamb, J.C. Maerz, and D.B. Wake. 2009. A new genus and species of lungless salamander (family Plethodontidae) from the Appalachian highlands of the south-eastern United States. Journal of Zoology 279:86– 94.


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